For too long, relevant information about matters, experts, and documents has been inaccessible to those at the firm who could benefit from it.  Attorneys and staff wonder why they can search for the most obscure topic on the web, but can’t find specific information within their own firm to support marketing, sales pitches, and matter delivery.  HardingLowe is changing the ways that firms share and manage their knowledge.  We are bringing innovative tools to help attorneys and staff to find the right information when and where they need it.  Starting with the planning phase, we guide clients through the necessary decisions to identify that information which is of highest value to the firm.  We help firms select and implement technologies to capture matter information, search firm information sources, protect confidential information, and display knowledge within the firm, with clients, and on mobile devices.  Finally, we work with clients to develop a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing, so they gain the most benefit from their new technologies.

Success Stories: