Confidential Matters Capability

HardingLowe Delivers Confidential Matters Capability to AmLaw 20 Firm

HardingLowe has successfully partnered with a Washington, DC-based AmLaw 20 Firm to deliver a new Confidential Matters capability. This capability allows Partners to designate a matter as confidential, which then restricts access to the matter’s information and documents.

HardingLowe managed a cross-functional client team that included New Business, Information Services, Knowledge Management, and Practice Management. The team defined new policies, processes, roles and workflow, leveraging IntApp’s Wall Builder application. Now, with a single phone call, Partners can lock down access to matter information within the document management system (iManage), records management system (LegalKEY), experience management system (InterAction), and intranet portal (SharePoint).

“As law firms increase their knowledge sharing capabilities, it is critical that they protect sensitive information,” commented Mike Lowe, HardingLowe President. “Effective knowledge management requires the appropriate balance between exposing that which should be shared, and protecting that which should not.”

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